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Brown Knoll via Mam Tor - Peak District 5 Nov 2015

Brown Knoll via Mam Tor 
Peak District
Distance 21km Climb 740m
Thursday 5 November 2015

Mam Tor Number 10 on ITV's Britain's Favourite Walks shown January 2018. 
It was raining and misty as we drove across to Edale. The last time I walked here I went north, today I was going to look south.  Anne was going to have a look round the shops of Manchester. I parked the car at Edale Station 240m and walked up the road towards the church.

The footpath I was taking turned east next to the church yard. I hope the sign was not an indication of things to come.

The footpath took me south east across fields, I could not see any of the heights I would be walking on as they were covered by mist.

The footpath took me under the railway and across fields.

I crossed a road and the path dropped down to join a farm lane that once it crossed a stream started climbing south east towards Hollins Cross 390m.

Unfortunately there was no view from the top, I thought I was alone yet I could hear people below the ridge. A quick map check and I turned left easterly up the ridge.

On the way I passed another walker, I spent a few minutes talking to him, he was an interesting character. As I climbed the mist continued to obscure the views which was a shame but it was still good walking.

The path crossed Back Tor and climbed up to Lose Tor 476m. After a quick photo of the mist I turned round and returned back along the ridge to Hollins Cross.

As I walked back to Hollins Cross I passed a group of about 8 walkers on their way to Lose Hill they asked if the view was better up there, no unfortunately it was not.

I passed another group as I approached Hollins Cross, it was very busy up here.

Another quick check of the map, reset the compass and I moved along the ridge towards Mam Tor. The path was made of stone and led me straight up the climb to the trig point at Mam Tor 517m. There are a lot of little features cemented in the area around the trig point.

A quick sandwich and I continued heading south west to drop down to the road.

As it was a little clearer here I moved down the hill a little to take a look east along the valley towards the Blue John.

As I moved back up the road I caught a glimpse of a kestral.

I crossed the road and started up the footpath to Rushup Edge which climbed up to Lord's Seat 540m where there is an old Tumulus.

I continued along by the wall as it slopped down hill until it met a junction. Here I passed a group of four German walkers. I turned right in a northerly direction. After about 400m I turned from the main path and followed a bearing across open ground. There was a lot of bog in the area and I had to watch were I was walking. It was very wet. You could see where people had previously walked.

As I was approaching Brown Knoll 569m the mist was turning into rain, visability was low. After the trig point I checked my bearing and continued north east to the fence line.

I turned right and headed north east along a stone path which turned north, visibility was very low and the rain was getting heavier.

I walked up to Edale rocks where I had another sandwich in a little shelter. I had wanted to go around the tops back to Edale but with the weather and the time of day light left I decided to return by the lower route.

So after walking up to Kinder Low trig point 633m I turned round and headed down hill.

As I approached Jacobs Ladder the mist started to lift although it was still raining.

On my way back rather than follow the Pennine Way I followed the footpath to Barber Booth, the views across the valley opened up as the mist lifted showing me where I had walked.

The rain lifted for a few minutes before starting again, as I approached Edale Station. I had a few minutes to spare before Anne's train came in. A good day walking I had covered 21km with approx 740m climb.

More to follow

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