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Kitzbuhel to Kitzbuheler Horn - Austria 19 Aug 2012.

Hotel Edelweiss 761m to Kitzbuheler Horn 1996m and return
Distance 20km Climb 1230m
Sunday 19th August 2012

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At breakfast at the Hotel Edelweiss Veronika and Klaus had shown on their menu cards that a Sunday Mass was being held on the Kitzbuheler Horn.  As Anne was wanting an easy day this is what we decided to do, I would walk up and down and Anne would use one of the tickets.  It would also give Anne a chance to look around the local Sunday flea market.

View from my bed at the Hotel Edelweiss

I left Anne in the town 761m and walked up Kitzbuheler Horn 1996m the same route I had used the previous Tuesday.  It was good to stretch my legs and walk at my own pace.  Klaus had said it was a good route up as it provided good cover from the sun which again was very hot.  It was as if each day it was getting hotter.  On my route I tried to take photos of some of the different views.
The start up Kitzbuheler Horn

Near Adlerhutte 1266m

Kitzbuheler Horn from Alpenhaus 1670m

As I walked up I could see people gathering near Harnkopfl, but I had agreed to meet Anne at the top cable car station.  As we had thought the Mass would be help near the little Chapel  there.  So onward and upward I went.

After meeting Anne near Gipfelhaus we walked back down and joined the Mass near Harnkopfl.  There were a number of Alpine Horn players and about four brass bands who had been playing in the town the previous evening.  They played either as individual groups or all together.  It was very impressive and lots of people had turned up in their traditional costume which for some would have been their Sunday best.

After the Mass we had our packed lunches and sat for sometime just enjoying the sights and sounds, before we decided to return to Kitzbuhel.  As arranged I would walk back and Anne would return on the cable car.  On our way to the Alpenhaus cable car station we talked and agreed that we would meet at a cafe in the town.

On the way down

Although the path was very steep and tiring coming up it was just as tiring going down and took just as much effort going down as it did going up.

After returning to Kitzbuhel and having a relaxing drink at the cafe we returned to the Hotel Edelweiss for tea and cake, via the flea market to pick up a bargin?

Bird spotted in the garden of the Hotel Edelweiss.
It was a good walk and it was good to stretch my legs, in all I had covered approx 20km with approx 1230m climb up and down.

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Resterkogel to Aschau - Kitzbuhel - Austria 18 Aug 2012.

Resterkogel to Aschau
Distance 16km
Saturday 18th August 2012

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Today was a day we followed one of Klaus's suggestions for a walk and after breakfast at the Hotel Edelweiss we headed for the 09.08 bus at the main bus stop.  The bus was for Mittersill, we got off at Hotel Breitmoos and got on the cable car up the Resterkogel at 1894m.

It was a long ride up the cable car and you could see for miles.  It was interesting going up in the cable car, on our way up we passed a number of cars going down with people in them having breakfast with tables, table clothes, flowers in vases and all that.

Anne in the cable car from Breitmoos
Anne at Resterkogel
At the top of Resterkogel 1894m, after a few photos and applying sun cream, we headed West around the lakes.

Anne with Resterkogel-see behind
Klaus had suggested we follow the route 15 but we found ourselves following the road.

Not to worry both routes met at Hartkaserhohe 1900m.  A few people appeared to be walking this route.  Although high up it was still very warm with a high risk of sun burn.  After a little climb the route took us past Panorama-Alm 1975m, a very large looking cafe.

Panorama-Alm 1975m
We walked on and followed the path North for a few hundred meters before turning West again next to the 2-Tausender-Sesselbahn chair lift.  Klaus had told us a lot of work was going on at the chair lift, getting it ready for the winter season.

Grosser Rettenstein left, Rossgruberkogel centre Kleiner Rettenstein and Anne

Work on the 2-Tausender-Sesselbahn
 After a quick drink of water we continued and followed the signs to Stangenalm 1729m.  Klaus had told us to walk along the bottom of Rossgruberkogel.  We had only till 15.00 to get to Aschau to catch the bus, plenty of time.

The route was well marked and joined a road that we followed South Westerly to Sangenalm 1729m.

Stunning views

Grosser Rettenstein far left
Stangenalm 1729m looking North West
Stangenalm looking South East

Turning North now we headed towards Stangenjoch 1713m.  Just off the crossroads we sat and had our packed lunch, while sitting there we saw a number of cyclists coming up the track and taking photos at the Stangenjoch sign.

Stangenjoch 1713m
Looking down the Oberer Grund North

After our lunch we followed the signs for Aschau and headed North.  Part of the track was very steep and it made me wonder how you would go up on a bike and it looked equally bad to come down on a bike, but people must.  We were still following route 15 which took us passed Rettensteinalm 1430m and Grundalm.

As we approached Aschau 1013m we only had a few minutes to spare before the bus back to Kitzbuhel and we came across a group of lost Italians.  They were looking for the path to Pengelstein-see and where looking up the wrong path.  It only took a few minutes to show them where they needed to be.  Anyway sitting at the bus stop I saw them walking past and again they were heading passed the path they should be on but were heading in the other direction this time.  So I caught them up although I have very little Italian and their English was limited it appeared they had changed their minds.  I told them the sign said it would take 3 hours to get to the top of Pengelstein.  This would take them after 18.00 and too late for any cable cars, as they finished at 17.00.  The group of Italians had decided they would go up the cable cars the next day.  They said they now needed to find a way to Kitzbuhel, I told them about the bus and as they followed me to the bus stop Anne asked where was I taking them now.  The bus stop I said.  Within a few minutes the bus arrived.

When they got off the bus at Kitzbuhel I had made some new friends, I was not sure where they were going or where they had been, but they seamed pleased that I had shown them the bus back to Kitzbuhel.

Another good day and another good walk Klaus had shown us, so it was back to the Hotel Edelweiss for tea and cake.

We had walked about 16km.

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pass Thurn to Kitzbuhel - Austria 17 Aug 2012.

Pass Thurn to Hotel Edelweiss
Distance 16km
Friday 17th August 2012

I have set up Facebook and Twitter accounts if you would like updates on my walks.

Today we had decided to do another of Klaus and Veronika's walks that they printed on the daily menu sheets. This was a walk from Pass Thurn 1273m back to the Hotel Edelweiss 761m.  We got up early to make sure we would have breakfast, collect our pack lunches, change and catch the bus.  When we got to the bus stop we saw a number of other couples from the hotel who were catching the bus.  They were staying on the bus for the stop after Pass Thurn, Breitmoos, for a cable car ride.  We would do this the next day.

Anyway we nearly passed the stop, but once off the bus we covered ourselves in sun cream had a quick drink of water and set off.

You have to be careful for the first part until you get on the Romerweg (Roman Way) as the path is right next to the road.  The route is almost directly North, once off the road the path moves into the trees so gave us some shelter from the sun.

Approaching Jochbergwald 1068m

Anne with the girls - smile
Shooting club on the way to Jochberg

We had lunch at Jochberg 923m.  Then walked along the path to Hutte, from here we walked along to the track we had previously walked on the previous Saturday when we passed through Hechenmoos.

The path takes us straight back to the Hotel Edelweiss 761m, and we got back in time for tea and cake.  In all we had walked approx 16km.

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