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Breitmoos to Kitzbuhel - Austria 26 Aug 2013.

Breitmoos to Kitzbuhel
Distance 16km
Monday 26th August 2013

It was our last day walking in Austria for this holiday. So we took advantage of making one last use of our travel cards.  I had thought we could have copied the walk we did last year from the top of Resterhohe to Aschau. But as we left the Hotel Edelweiss it was a little overcast. We took the bus up to the mittelstation cable car station on the Resterkogel. It was a little misty when we jumped onto the cable car, which as we rode up the mist cleared a little. Then came back down as we rode higher, there was no point in getting off the cable car as it was raining quite heavy when we reached the top.  So we stayed in the car and traveled back down. Due to the weather this meant a change in plan.  On the way down we could hear the cow bells and as we passed through little gaps in the clouds we could see them herding together at the base of one of the towers.

Once at the mittelstation, where we started as it was raining we decided put on our water proof trousers and jackets.  When we were ready we set off east, past the Hotel Breitmoos, it took us a little time to find the footpath that led North.

The ground was soaking as we walked through the trees to join route 71 north to Pass Thurn.  It was a little climb.  As we arrived at Pass Thurn we passed an old woman sitting in a tracker waiting to drop off some milk churns.  Still must be working in the family business.

We continued north wards following by the road for approx 1 km.  We were now on the route we had walked last year, suggested by Klaus.  It was an interesting walk as in part we were now walking north on the Romerweg.  The Romerweg ran the length of the valley and was the route the Roman's would have travelled.

After approx 1 km we crossed the busy main road and head down a forest track.  Sign posted Romerweg.  The rain eased a little as we walked north through the forest.

We passed shrines and carved water troughs.

We had a steep climb up the track to cross the main road again at Jochbergwald.  Where there is a small church and cafe.  Jochbergwald was where I started my epic walk up the Kleiner Rettenstein a few days earlier.  I don't think I would have gone as far that day if the weather had been as it was today.

We took a few minutes out of the rain to have a cup of coffee and dry out a little.  A gang of local forestry workers were doing the same.  Keeping out of the rain.

After our coffee we set off again and continued north.  along more forest tracks.

Along here we passed a small rifle range.

Although called the Pass-Thurn-Weg, signs still showed as the Romerweg.

Approx 2 km north of Jochbergwald we arrived on the track below Alte Wacht, which was where we started the walk a few days earlier up to the Sintersbach Wasserfall.  It would have looked good today due to the amount of rain that had fallen.

Jochberg is approx another 2 1/2 km further north passed Alte Wacht. Along here we passed a place where archery must have been the sport as we could see archery targets.  The big round straw targets, along with cut out deer and stag targets.

At Jochberg it decided to stop raining and so we took off our waterproofs.  The sun also decided to come out a little as well.

The path took us to Hutte, where it crossed the main road again.  It was now route 80, heading towards a place called Gigglingstube.

We had walked this route a few times as it was one of the main routes south from Kitzbuhel.  It took us through Aurach and then to the Hotel Edelweiss.

We had covered approx 16 km a nice walk on our last day.

More to follow

Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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Kitzbuhel to Oberndorf - Austria 25 Aug 2013.

Kitzbuhel to Oberndorf via Reeth
Distance 19.5km Climb 110m
Sunday 25th August 2013

The weather had changed today, but that was not going to stop us.  After leaving the Hotel Edelweiss, rather than go on to the tops where the weather would be worse and we would have little chance of seeing the views we decided to stay in the valley.

We left the hotel and walked down into the town, by the rail line.  We could see the mist coming down the hills.

There were not many people around and we had the paths to our selves..

We walked north out of Kitzbuhel 761m, following the signs to Schwarzsee.

We had walked this route a number of times, as this led to and from other walks.

From Schwarzsee we continued west and headed towards the golf club.  The rain was not giving up.  From the grand entrance of the golf club we headed north through the club on route 51 towards Reith.

We took a little time out of the rain, looking at an exhibition in the centre in Reith 762m, then had a cup of coffee in a local bar, before setting off again.  This time heading east over the main road, the path took us through a small wood on route 56.

There was a little climb before it opened out and we headed north.  The rain had eased and we could take of our waterproofs.  Even though it had been raining it was still warm.  We reached Rettenberg 876 for our packed lunch.  Rettenberg is a panorama view point.  All around the area we could see clouds still covered many of the tops.

After our packed lunch we continued north a joined route 4, which we followed as it weaved its way north then east down into Oberndorf.  Where we took a few minutes looking around and deciding which route we would take back.

We took the path beside the church, which led us down towards the river.

The track headed east towards the river, crossed the river and we joined the Romerweg, then headed south.

We had walked the Romerweg a number of times.  We arrived back in Kitzbuhel at the Hotel Edelweiss in time for afternoon tea and cake.  We had covered approx 19.5km with approx 110m climb.

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Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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Friday, 4 October 2013

Jochberg to Sintersbach-Wasserfal, return via Wildalm - Kitzbuhel - Austria 23 Aug 2013.

Jochberg, Sintersbach-Wasserfal, return via Wildalm
Distance 12.5km Climb 450m
Friday 23 August 2013

Leaving the Hotel Edelweiss with our sandwiches and packed lunch, Anne had decided that we would take the local bus to Jochberg, where we would start today's walk.  We got off at Alte Wacht and took the path along route 20, north.

After just over 1km we turned right, south east, along route 713.  At a bend in the track you could cross the stream and take a path beside the stream or as we did follow the track through the wood.  It was in the same direction.  This was a gentle climb along a wide track that took us up into the woods.

After about 1.5km the track and path joined again.  This was now a route numbered 3, 4 and 16.  We continued on up the road approx 300m to a road track junction.  We took the rough stone track in a south easterly direction.  After a futher 100m the track split with route 3 moving east on the north side of the stream Sintersbach.  To the right route 4 and 16 crossed a wooden bridge and travelled the south side of the Sintersbach, we took route 4 and 16.

The path took a twisting turning steep path through the woods.

At a junction we turned left, north east, and we could now hear the force of the Sintersbach-Wasserfal.

At the bottom of the falls there were a number of wooden platforms to stand and watch the falls.

We took a number of photos, as we crossed a wooden bridge onto the north bank.

A steep climb north west and we reached the junction with the route 3.  If we had turned left, west, we would have reached the junction where we had crossed the wooden bridge.  We turned right.

On the road up to the Wildalm we could see the Kleiner Rettenstein and Schwarzkogel in the distance, yesterdays walk.  Today's walk was a lot easier.

We stopped at the Wildalm for a drink and a piece of Austrian Kaisers schwalm (mess), before walking back down the road.

We walked back into Jochberg.

Back at Jochberg we arrived just in time to catch the bus back to Kitzbuhel.  Then back to the Hotel Edelweiss for tea and cake.  We had walked approx 12.5km with approx 450m climb.  A lovely day walking.

More to follow

Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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