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New York City, Day 4 - USA 18 Dec 2017

New York City, Day 4
Distance 23km Climb 100m
Monday 18 December 2017

Continuing the celebration in New York City. As with the previous three days I am not sure if I should write today's wanderings as a walk. 

Following another good breakfast, at the Room Mate Grace Hotel,
we left the hotel for our last day in NYC. It was all over too soon, what an experience. Leaving the hotel it was a quick stop at Bryant's Park. With the Empire State Building in the background.  

The man himself Mr William Cullen Bryant.

I had another look for the geocache before Anne joined me after looking in a nearby shop. It was very warm today, totally different to the cold weather we had had over the previous three days.

Back up The Avenue of the Americas Sixth Avenue one block passing the HBO Game of Thrones shop. We had to have a look inside.

Turning left on 43rd Street for the local Post Office so Anne could post a few post cards. Then another short visit to the Grand Central Terminal for another look at the Christmas Fair. Then it was time to collect a few photos of some sights. Heading down Fifth Avenue to 34th Street, we stood on the corner and looked up at The Empire State Building.

Turning left along 34th Street we did another couple of rights and left.

Working our way onto Lexington Avenue and up towards the Chrysler Building.

Continuing right, down 42nd Street then left on Third Avenue and as we were passing 44th Street, I had a quick look for the Geocache "Don't Overlook IT" again. Still no sign of it.

Continuing down 44th Street we could see the flags at the UN building further down the street. We turned left onto Second Avenue and passed the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. Dag Hammarskjold was the second UN Secretary-General from 1953 to 1961. He is the only UN Secretary-General to die whilst in office.

A left turn on 48th Street and had a look around for Geocache "Your Move". Under the giant chess board. I found the little green magnetic capsule, to be honest being new at Geocaching I did not realise that this was the cache.

Continuing up 48th Street we turned onto Lexington Avenue where we decided to look for a place to have a short rest and a coffee.

After our coffee we did a right and left onto Park Avenue.

Then another quick visit to the restrooms at the Grand Central Terminal. After our rest, we continued along 42nd Street turning right up the Avenue of the Americas.

For a quick stop at the Magnolia Bakery on 49th Street, apparently this is not the same bakery as on Sex in the City but it is part of the same chain. We had had a cake from here on our first night. Although very nice I do not know if was worth the number of people standing in line at 2000 at night.

A large number of police were controlling the traffic and pedestrians on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 49th Street. It was interesting watching them try and slow the flow of people.

Down 49th Street, we were back at the Rockefeller Plaza, where the crowds were not so bad and I was able to get a photo of the tree.  Today we could also see down onto the ice rink.

Walking across the plaza, over 50th Street onto another part of Rockefeller Centre we saw a Swarovski star.

Walking back onto Fifth Avenue, Saks was not so bright in the daylight. Compared to all the lights we had seen the previous night.

Today was going to be a long day our flight was not due until 2130 local time. So we decided to look for somewhere to eat.

We found a bar and had a lovely meal with a couple of drinks.

After our meal, we still had a few hours. So along 44th Street into Times Square. Passing a number of theatres. The Paramount Building, we could see this from our hotel room. Another impressive looking building.

Continuing along 44th Street passing more theatres, turning right onto Eighth Avenue.

It was very busy on Eighth Avenue. After a short stop at a number of small shops we passed a fire station. Where there was a wall dedicated to the crews who had lost their lives.

Turning right down 48th Street passing more theatres, stretch limos and large hotels.

We were heading back towards the hotel, it was nearly time to collect our bags and head off to the airport. Reaching Broadway we came to what was advertised as the best seat on Broadway. It was a shop turned into, what the locals would call restrooms. 

I was very apprehensive about the trip but it had been a fantastic experience. There is so much to see and we had only seen a very little so it looks like we may have to come back. Today my watch shows we had covered 23km with approx. 100m climb.

More to follow

Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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Monday, 1 January 2018

New York City, Day 3 - USA 17 Dec 2017

New York City, Day 3
Distance 26km Climb 210m
Sunday 17 December 2017

Continuing the celebration in New York City. As with Day 1 and Day 2 I am even less sure if I should write today as a walk. However as we had walked 26 km I thought why not.

After another good breakfast, at the Room Mate Grace Hotel
Today we would be taking in more of the NYC experience. Leaving the hotel we turned right onto Seventh Avenue and into Times Square. 

Where we took the Number 1 subway to South Ferry. This was near Battery Park so I collected the Geocache "Flying into Memories," I had seen it on Friday but did not recognise it as a geocache until I had spoken to Bigedyben later that day.

Walking through the Park we entered the Ferry Terminal and went through the airport style security to board the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

It only takes a few minutes to cross to Independence Island.

Walking around Independence Island and the Statue of Liberty was very interesting. The Statue stands on what was originally Fort Wood.

Leaving Independence Island we made the short trip across to Ellis Island the Immigration Museum. Before becoming the Immigration Centre, there was a fort on Ellis Island, Fort Gibson which had been used in the coastal defences around New York.

Another short trip back to South Ferry, and we took the Number 1 subway back up to 42nd Street.

Back to Midtown and Times Square. The place was a lot busier now than earlier. There was a lot more security around.

We returned to our hotel with our shopping and had a short break.

Then we were back into the thick of it. This time on leaving the hotel we turned left, then right onto Sixth Avenue and walked a couple of blocks to 42nd Street next to Bryant Park. I didn't waste time today looking for the Geocache.

We were on our way to Grand Central Terminal. Anne wanted another look around the Christmas Fair.

Leaving Grand Central Terminal back onto 42nd Street, we headed right onto Madison Avenue. After a few blocks walking north east we turned left on 50th Street to walk passed St Patrick's Cathedral.

Crossing Fifth Avenue we had a closer look at the British Empire Building. The Royal Coat of Arms and the figures showing nine major industries of the British Empire.

Round the corner on 50th Street the Three Lions stand proud above the door.

After a couple of shops we were in a very crowded Rockefeller Plaza.

People were trying to get photos of the massive Christmas Tree. It also sounded like a band was playing down below on the rink. I tried to get a look but we could not get through.

Not to worry it was nearly time for us to take a ride up the Rock. Anne had booked tickets for us to go to the Observation Deck 70 floors up The Rockefeller Centre. I know we did not walk as the elevator took us up 68 floors but it was a brilliant experience. The views from the top were stunning.

After taking a few photos as the sky darkened and the lights came on we returned to street level. Following signs, we eventually found ourselves back on 49th Street and turned onto The Avenue of the Americas Sixth Avenue. Turning right we walked up to 55th Street, passed Radio City to the Love sculpture.

After a couple of photos we turned and worked our way through the crowds back down The Avenue of the Americas Sixth Avenue. Now it was time to find somewhere to eat. We ended up in a bar we had found earlier on our trip. This was on 54th Street, we had previously had a good meal there so as we were passing we called in again. 

After our meal we turned left back onto The Avenue of the Americas Sixth Avenue then left again back onto 50th Street. Turning towards the Rockefeller Plaza, where near the rink the crowds were still just as heavy if not more so than earlier. Back into another couple of shops before working our way onto Fifth Avenue. More crowds, they were even thicker here, looking at the lights as we passed Saks on Fifth Avenue.

On our side of the road a quick look along the Promenade we could see the Rockefeller.

We were tired and decided to head for our hotel. On the way we passed a local bar and decided to stop for a quick reward drink before returning to the Room Mate Grace Hotel.

Another good day walking, my watch shows we had covered 26km with a 210m climb. That does not including the ferry or subway ride. Nor the climb up the Rock. Just wandering about, looking at the sights but due to the distance I have decided to include on my blog. More again tomorrow.

More to follow

Boz North

Details correct at time of writing.
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