Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nantille Ridge Walk - Snowdonia 17 June 2014.

Nantille Ridge Walk
Distance 9km Climb 720m
Tuesday 17 June 2014

Today we drove to our start point Grid SH565 525 which is near Bryn Cwellyn Wood 190m. After collecting our gear and orientating ourselves we set off west and soon after crossing a small stream we started to climb steeply up a ridge to a spot height of 633m.

On our climb we could see the steam off a steam train moving along the Welsh Highland Railway.

From the top, at spot height 633m we could see north east down to the waters of Llyn Dywarchen with the top of Clogwynvgarreg behind.

Looking west we could see the ridge we would be walking.

We turned south west with the ridge and after a slight dip started to climb up the ridge to spot height 695m - Mynydd Drws-y-coed.

The views were stunning.

As we followed the ridge around to 709m point we could see the Obelisk in the distance. Another quick decent saw us again climbing.

Looking back to the way we had walked.

We climbed up to the Mynydd Tal-y-Mignedd Obelisk 653m, where we had a short break for lunch. It was near here we passed the other group.

After lunch we moved south west down off the ridge before climbing again.

Up a very rocky stone covered area to spot height 734m.

A short decent south west along the tops took us near to Garneddgoch but we turned north west down the ridge before reaching the trig point.

We continued to drop down the ridge Maen-Llwyd 256m where we joined a track where our transport was waiting. This walk was called the Nantille Ridge Walk. Approx 9km with 720m climb. Another good days walking.

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Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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Monday, 23 June 2014

Y Garn (Glyders) - Snowdonia 16 June 2014.

Y Garn (Glyders)
Distance 6.5km Climb 630m
Monday 16 June 2014

This was our first day walking.  I had never walked in this area before, apart from walking Snowdon a couple of years ago as part of the 3 Peaks. The weather was totally different this time, that time it had rained and visibility was very low, today it was sunny and the views were fantastic.  We left the car park at the centre to the north of Llyn Idwal and took the footpath south west to Llyn Idwal itself.

Reaching Llyn Idwal we followed the path on the eastern shore to the southern end.

 From the south of Llyn Idwal we found a route continuing south west up to the Devils Kitchen.

It was not a path as such but followed a number of short ridges to the top.

Stopping for a short break on the route up, we passed through the Devils Kitchen and took a footpath which headed westward that turned north west to Y Garn (947m).

Another short stop on Y Garn then we took the path north east down the ridge back towards the western side of Llyn Idwal.

You can see from the photos that the views were stunning.

When we arrived at the bottom we had a well deserved ice lolly before returning to our base. We had covered approx 6.5km with approx 630m climb. It had been a good days walking.

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Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hadrian's Wall Path, Cawfields to Housesteads 1 June 2014.

Hadrian Wall Path
Cawfields to Housesteads
Distance 10km Climb 350m
Sunday 1 June 2014

Again another walk I have been a little slow in writing up. Follow link to another time I did this walk as part of my Hadrian Wall Path.

It started as another nice day and there was a promise that it would get warm.  We got off the buses at the Cawfield car park, once sorted we moved north of the pond in the disused quarry.

We turned eastwards through Hole Gap climbing up onto Cawfield Crags.

We dropped down and up at Thorny Doors. With the weather being good we had clear views in all directions all day, brilliant.

Following the Wall we dropped down to Caw Gap, crossed the road and climbed up the far side.

Up and down the Wall goes, continuing we moved east.

Another short drop and climb to Windshields Crags, for a short rest.

Moving along we passed the 345m trig point.

As the path dropped slightly we could see the heights of Steel Rigg and the waters at Crag Lough in the distance, a future part of our walk.

Crossing Peel Crags we continued east.

We dropped down hill and climbed up a a number of rises.

A fantastic view looking east over a mile castle towards Crag Lough.

After another short drop we came to the world famous Sycamore Gap - famous from the Kevin Costner film "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves". In an early scene in the film, a young lad is running from the Sheriffs men and their dogs and he climbs the tree to get away from them. Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman save him.

We continued down and up to the path above Crag Lough. Walking through the trees gave us a little cover from the sun.

Passing Crag Lough we dropped down and turned north east and climbed back up to Hotbank Crags, where we turned more east.

The Wall continues east, we passed the path that turns north, along the Pennine Way. I have previously walked the Pennine Way.  You can see how I got on if you look at the relevant posts on my blog. I have also walked the Roman Wall with Anne and my brother David, again you can check this out on other posts within my blog.

From Housesteads we turned south east and took the footpath downhill to the information centre where we met up with the buses. We had covered approx 10km with approx 350m climb. A very good day walking with very good friends.

More to follow.

Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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