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Resterkogel to Aschau - Kitzbuhel - Austria 25 Aug 2014.

Resterkogel 1894m to Aschau 1013m
Distance 14km Climb 340m
Monday 25th August 2014

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A couple of years ago we did this walk following a suggestion from Klaus at the Hotel Edelweiss.  Today we would make a change in the route so that I could take Anne to see the Blaue Lacke (Kesselkarsee). Before leaving the hotel Veronika gave us a list of times for the buses on our return journey.

We headed for the 09.08 bus at the local bus stop.  The bus was for Mittersill and we along with a number of other people on holiday got off at the Hotel Breitmoos and got on the cable car up the Resterkogel at 1894m.

It was a long ride up the cable car and you could not see into the deep valley where Mittersill was due to the low cloud.  In the past on our way up on this cable car we had previously passed a number of cars going down with people in them having breakfast, I think we only saw one today.  

At the top of Resterkogel 1894m, after a few photos, we headed west around the lakes.  In this photo in the distance you can see the multi humped Kleiner Rettenstein where I had tried to reach the cross earlier in the week. Just below and almost in the centre of the photo is a faint white dot, this is the chair lift station at Trattenbach.  This was where we were headed. 

We set off past the lakes and headed north west on route 15, it soon warmed up and we had to take our coats off.

At Hartkaserhohe 1900m we turned right and headed north, the route was easy and well marked. Here in this photo you can see the Kleiner Rettenstein and the chair lift station in the centre.  It would still be some time before we reached there.

We turned left, west, just before Sonnalm.  Apart from a little climb this was mainly a steady down hill path.  After about 1.5km the route moves off the road onto a crass track which took us steeply down hill towards a stream.  Once over the stream we turned north east and had a little gentle climb up to Trattenbachalm 1628m.  It was lovely walking here, very peaceful.

I had passed Trattenbachalm on my walk earlier in the week.  Today there was a lady struggling with her pigs, they were big, one was moving where she wanted, the other just lay there.  Even though she was slapping and hitting it and trying to get it to move it would not.  It must have been enjoying the sunshine.

Moving north and upwards from Trattenbachalm we followed the road as it twisted to Gauxjoch then turned west and climbed up to the Trattenbach chair lift station.  Through the cables you can see the Resterkogel cable car station where we started our walk.

We moved off the track and followed the narrow path north, cross country as it climbed up a narrow trail to the ridge.

In the middle left of this photo you can see the Schwarzkogel. We had walked this earlier in the week, however today it was clear.

Crossing the fence we continued west towards Blaue Lacke. It was beautiful and clear.  As we arrived at the Lacke, I thought we could stop and have our sandwiches, but a few cows were standing in the perfect spot.  Anne was not happy and would not settle so we had to move on. It took some time for Anne to move past the cows.

We continued up and down the narrow path to the fence line that runs up the Kleiner Rettenstein.  Once at the fence we turned right, and headed north, crossing the Kesselboden 1828m, for approx 300m where there was a track junction down route 11. On the whole this was a steady climb down and in places cut through little dips towards Stadlbergalm 1629.  Lovely views across the valley.

Stadlbergalm was where we were earlier in the holiday when we climbed the Schwarzkogel together.  The path down was difficult it had been churned up by the cattle and the mud had hardened making it difficult walking.  Well at least for a few hundred meters.  We were then on a grass path that took us down to the woods.  It was a very steep path down, as it twisted and turned down through the woods. Eventually arriving at the little shrine on the Oberer Grund Ache.

On the Oberer Grund Ache we passed the turning for the Spiessnagel, this was where we were going to walk earlier in the week and heard it was closed.  Today there was a gate across the path and a sign.

It did not take us long to reach Aschau.  We turned right and heading north again, we were on the road that took us down hill to Aschau.  We had missed the earlier bus, never mind it was a lovely day and we decided to have a coffee at the bar.  Within minutes a bus turned up, it was not on the timetable and Veronika must not have known about it as it was not on her piece of paper.  Rushing our coffee we paid, and jumped on the bus which took us back to Kitzbuhel. This was the last walk following another great holiday at the Hotel Edelweiss.

With 14km and approx 340m climb and a 1200m climb down.  

More to follow

Boz North
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Kitzbuhel to Kitzbuheler Horn - Kitzbuhel - Austria 24 Aug 2014.

Kitzbuhel to Kitzbuheler Horn 1996m
Distance 10km Climb 1230m
Sunday 24th August 2014

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This was the second time this holiday I have done this walk.  If you look at the pictures from 17th August 2014 you will see the difference a week can make.  Last week I walked up to meet Anne for the open air mass on a crag near Hornkopfl so though we could do the same today.  After breakfast at the Hotel Edelweiss we set off.  As usual Anne would use one of our cable car tickets to go up the Kitzbuheler Horn and I would walk up, we would meet up near the top.

A lovely group of Irish guests were staying at the hotel and we mentioned the mass, so I was expecting to see them on my walk up.  Today was also the day they had a race up the mountain.    

I walked through the bottom of the town, although the weather was sunny, there was a little damp in the air, as I walked up I could see cloud gathering and in places it was cold and chilly.  I crossed the river, the main road and the train line before starting up hill passed the cable station at 763m at the bottom of the Kitzbuheler Horn.

The track up to the Kitzbuheler Horn is up, up then more up, I soon left the town behind as I worked my way up, the path leaves a tarmac road and goes onto a gravel path that moves through the trees, becoming very steep in places. I was looking to take different pictures to what I had the previous week.

Looking across the valley I could hardly see the Rauher Kopf due to the cloud.

I reached and walked passed the house that was still being built.  I said previously it had not changed in the last four years, only the path to it was starting to become a little overgrown.  Still no change from last week.

The part of the walk up to the Adlerhutte - the middle station at 1266m is the steepest part of the walk.  From here there are still some steep parts to climb up, they are not as bad as in this first part.  

After a couple of steep climbs the view opens up on the right and if there was no cloud I would be able to see across to the Kitzbuheler Horn.

Looking down into the valley I could see part of the Kitzbuheler Horn race.  A lad from the hotel was taking part in the race. Later in the hotel we saw him arrive with a trophy, he came first in his age group, excellent.

Coming across the rise at Trattalmen I joined the road below the Alpenhaus. I then turned right towards Alpenblumenweg.  It did not look like there was anyone on the Hornkopfl for the mass.

As I approached Hornkopfl 1773m, I looked back at the hutte, last week this was full of people, cyclists and walkers.  Today there was nobody.

Today on looking across at the crags you can see there is no-one there, totally different to the numbers here last week.

I met Anne where the path joined the road which leads from the Alpenhaus to the Kitzbuheler Horn.  It was very cold now and despite having a sweat on I needed to put my coat on.

After a few meters, I moved onwards and upwards towards the cross and then the top.  Anne would walk at her own pace.

At the top they still had the race markers out and apparently were waiting for the last runner.  You can see what the view was like from the next few photos.  At the top I also met a group from the Irish party who were eating lunch waiting for some of their group who had decided to walk up.

After some lunch ourselves we took the cable car back to Kitzbuhel.  I would not normally cover this as it was not a walk but on our way down we saw a fox sleeping near by.  This was on the part from the middle station to Kitzbuhel and we had to go back round on the lift to catch this photo on the second pass.

Tea and cakes at the Hotel Edelweiss. All in I had covered approx 10km with 1230m of climb.

More to follow.

Boz North

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kitzbuhel to Oberndorf return via Rettenberg - Austria 23 Aug 2014.

Kitzbuhel to Oberndorf return via Rettenberg
Distance 19km Climb 150m
Saturday 23rd August 2014

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After breakfast and preparing our packed lunches on leaving the Hotel Edelweiss, we had decided to do this walk today.  We had done this walk last year but this year we would do it in reverse, follow link.  

We left the hotel and walked down into the town, by the rail line, although overcast it was not raining but we were prepared.  We walked through the town and joined the Romerweg at the far end of the town. We took path 13 just below the Kitzbuheler Horn cable car station where we past one of the many shrines in the area. 

This path took us through a narrow wood where the path climbs slightly before turning north east onto an open field.  As we crossed the field we met Sarah from the hotel walking her dog. It was nice to meet Sarah, she is always helpful and friendly, as is everyone at the hotel.

Walking north on the Romerweg, we passed the Bauernhof museum. A farming museum.

As we moved along the Romerweg it started to rain, just as we expected.  Looking west we could see the mist on the Rauher Kopf where we had walked earlier in the week.

We continued north, passing through a few small villages, at Wiesenschwang we turned west towards the Oberndorf train station. The path took us under the railway line, then over the stream and under the road.  We crossed using the covered bridges that are common in the area.

Walking up to the centre it was raining very heavy.

We had a rest and ate our sandwiches under the cover in the centre of the town.  It was still raining when we set off again, heading west we found the footpath that took us up into the woods.  In places it was a steady climb.

The path twisted southwards, views were hidden by the low clouds.  We crossed the field and climbed up to the Rettenberg 876m.  Again we did not have much of a view, although the rain had eased.

Walking south from Rettenberg we notice a new build at the junction which had not been there last year. Back at the Edelweiss when we spoke to Klaus about it he told us that the talk was someone with a lot of money was commissioning the work.

We took the route through the woods, heading towards Schwarzsee. This route took us past the Gieringer Weiher another lake.  This lake looked a lot nicer from this side than the other.  It was raining again.

We were heading down towards the north east side of Schwarzsee when we started to notice deer in ones and twos in the fields and on the edges of the woods.  It was great, we made a big thing about seeing them but the locals just walked past and did not take any notice.

We walked back into Kitzbuhel then through the town back to the Hotel Edelweiss for tea and cakes.  We had cover approx 19km with 150m climb.  It was brilliant seeing the deer.

More to follow

Boz North

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Jochbergwald to Kitzbuhel via Kleiner Rettenstein, Schwarzkogel, Pengelstein and Hahnenkamm - Austria 22 Aug 2014.

Jochbergwald 1068m to Kitzbuhel via Kleiner Rettenstein 2216m, Schwarzkogel 2030m, Pengelstein 1938m and Hahnenkamm 1668m
Distance 27km Climb 1550m
Friday 22nd August 2014

I have set up Facebook and Twitter accounts if you would like updates on my walks.

I did most of this walk last year on my own and really enjoyed it.  I had discussed doing this walk with Anne and it was agreed that I would do the walk today and Anne would go on a trip to Salzburg.  I needed to catch the 09.00 am bus to the start, this timed in with Anne's coach trip.  So it was an early breakfast at the Hotel Edelweiss.  I made my packed lunch and we left. Veronika was concerned about me walking on my own especially where I was going and made sure I had their number, this was a tricky route especially walking on ones own.  I still also still had Klaus's personal number from last year.

I got off the bus at Jochbergwald 1068m where there was a church.  From the bus stop I took the track down from the main road, onto the Romerweg and headed south west.  The Romerweg was the old Roman way that runs the length of the valley.

The road started to climb after about a kilometre.  The more I climbed the views started opening up and I could see for miles, the weather was very warm.  It was very quiet. 

More climb then the road twisted and ahead was the Kleiner Rettenstein I could not see it as it was hidden by low cloud.

I walked passed Trattenbachalm at 1628m passed the tree line and carried on climbing, the track twisted north east, south west then north east again.  Looking back I could see the mountains to the south covered in snow.

I continued up to Gauxjoch 1739m which opened up as a pass into another valley.  The path levelled off a little before turning west.  I could see Kleiner Rettenstein which still had cloud covering the top. The road took me under one of the cable stations for the Trattenbach before turning right, north, it had turned into a very narrow mountain track crossing a very steep slope.  I was following the way markers, painted red and white lines like the Austrian flag.  At the top of the narrow track, there was a fence with the familiar yellow signs.  The views were stunning, I felt so good. I crossed the style and the narrow mountain path now headed west, up and down over some rough ground but worth the effort, as the countryside was stunning.

I came up to and passed the Blaue Lacke, I followed the path heading north west around the lacke. 

The track then reached a junction, I turned left and continued climbing again.  This time up the Kleiner Rettenstein proper.  To my right was the Obere Grund valley, where we had walked earlier in the week.  After a quick sandwich I continued on my way.  

The going was quite good initially on this part, with a few short steep stretches.  I found it a lot easier going this year, I was now on a narrow path and the mist was coming down the more I was going up, up and more up.

I moved passed the place I reached last year, although this year I could not see the cross due to the mist. There was no wind this year just a damp mist.  I crossed a very narrow ledge and was grateful I could not see the steep drop either side.  I reached another high point. I knew I was on level with the cross.  After a small drop I felt my feet slip on the damp stones, it was at this point I thought this was a little naughty, especially as I was on my own.  I was terribly disappointed with myself for not reaching the cross but I had made the decision to go back down.  I took some photos and started back down.  

At the bottom of the Kleiner Rettenstein I continued north and climbed up to the Kesselboden at 1828m. The path followed the fence on route 19.  Climbing up to a point shown on the map as 1875m, another quick sandwich before starting on the Schwarzkogel. Currently the Schwarzkogel was clear of mist. 

I was now walking up Schwarzkogel the top of Schwarzkogel is 2030m, as usual this holiday I was climbing Schwarzkogel when the mist was coming down.  

After writing in the book, I set off again. I like the Schwarzkogel. From Schwarzkogel my route turned north west, then north east up to a junction on Schwarzkogelscharte 1829m.  The path now had a name, Hohenwanderweg, it was still route 19 and 11.

The weather was a lot better today than it had been earlier in the week when I was on this route with Anne.  It was a steady climb up to the cable chair station at the top of Hochsaukaser. The path was still sodden after all the rain.

At the cable chair station there is a stile, where the narrow path turns into a wide track then tarmac road as it passes a couple of cable car stations on the way to the Pengelstein 1938m.  

From here it is a wide road to the Hahnenkamm, I had walked this way a few times over the last couple of holidays.  Although a little up and down it was straight forward enough leading up to the Hahnenkamm.  On the whole a lot easier walking.

Walking to the Hahnenkamm a beautiful rainbow came out over the valley, it was stunning. I tried to get a photo but it does not do the scene justice.

At the Hahnenkamm 1668m I decided as I had time and I had not reached the top of the Kleiner Rettenstein to walk down the path into Kitzbuhel.  I took the path below the cable station on the north side, which turned steeply down hill, east.

In places the path was a narrow track, and dropped down to the woods.  It twisted and turned, in places it was slippery and wet, very muddy.  Through the woods I had to take care as in parts, roots provided trip hazards on some of the steep paths.

In parts it the path moved onto forest tracks.  It crossed under the cable car wire before dropping to the stream.

Then onto the road which took me back into Kitzbuhel and I walked back to the Hotel Edelweiss.

I arrived back at the Hotel Edelweiss in time to meet Anne who had just returned from her trip to Salzburg.  Veronika made us a cup of tea.  It had been a long day and a long walk, hard work, I felt tired and disappointed I had not reached the cross, but I had enjoyed it. 

I had covered approx 27 km with  1550 meters climbed.

More to follow

Boz North
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