Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Tryfan from the South, Snowdonia - Wales 12 July 2018

Tryfan from the South
Distance 7km Climb 620m
Thursday 12 July 2018

Little did I know at the beginning of the week that I would be visiting Adam and Eve so soon. Which was great however today I would be walking a different route with different friends. Harry and John led today.

Today we parked a little further west than where Steve parked on Monday. Some of the group had already done some kayaking and now I joined them for the walking phase of todays activities.

We left the minibus and walked west by the A5 towards Ogwen Cottage.

Looking back along the road I could see low cloud on the top of Tryfan. Although a little overcast it was still very warm.

From Ogwen Cottage we turned and followed the stone path south east. After a short climb we passed through this gate. I had noticed it on Monday, John told me the shape and metal work represented many of the local geographical features.

From the gate the path levels a little before crossing a wooden bridge.

We continued along the paths heading south easterly, as it starts to gently climb.

John and Harry showed us the wild bilberries growing in the area, we of course had to taste a few. After a few hundred meters the path starts to climb more steeply.

This took us near lake Little Australia before the path starting to climb away again. On Monday Steve and I had walked down on the west side of this lake, today I was walking up the eastward side. There were no wild campers beside the lake today.

Continuing south east climbing upwards along the stone path we reached the style on the wall on Bwlch Tryfan.

Turning northwards once over the style we followed the path by the wall.

Crossing another style back over the wall on our left. We followed the worn path up towards Tryfan, heading roughly southwards..

After a short stop we continued upwards.

We had a short stop at the top before Tony did the Leap of Faith. Harry did it a few times back and forth. You still would not get me up there.

Just off the top someone noticed a plaque to Chris Burrow, it was over a steep side and whoever had put it there must have been a climber. I cannot find any information on Chris Burrow, but his friends and family must have thought a great deal of him to put this plaque in such a fantastic place.

We scrambled back down the rocks to the Bwlch Tryfan.

Then back down the path towards Little Australia.

On our way passed the lake Harry and John ran ahead to get things ready for our next adventurous activity. Rock climbing! Harry was going to lead us on part of the Milestone Buttress.

For the walking phase we had covered just over 7km and approx. 620m climb. It had been a good walk but the day was not over.

More to follow

Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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Monday, 16 July 2018

Tryfan from the North, Snowdonia - Wales 9 July 2018

Tryfan from the North
Distance 9km Climb 950m
Monday 9 July 2018

It has been some time since I had last did a walk with some climb. Today my friend Steve had promised me a good walk and he did not disappoint, it was brilliant.

Steve lives nearby and has done this walk many times before, it is one of his favourite walks and today he was going to take me.

After picking me up from my accommodation Steve parked his car in a layby on the A5 near Milestone Buttress. Just across the road from the south east side of Llyn Ogwen. Walking through the gate we headed straight up a well defined stone path and started climbing. The path moves beside a wall and heads south.

In no time at all we had gained some height, every step we took was up. The stone path turned south east and I welcomed the shadow that fell across us from Tryfan. It was going to be a warm day

We stopped for a short rest and enjoyed the views. This is looking north west along Llyn Ogwen.

We continued climbing, heading south, along paths that many people had trod, scrambling upwards. As I said Steve has been this way many times.

Moving for ever upwards I could see the views to the east starting to open up.

Another short rest and we saw this chap. We also saw him at the top.

A little bit of low cloud was touching the top of the mountain.

A look back and I could see how far we had come.

Some of the stones looked very interesting, especially those that appeared to just balance on narrow ledges.

There it is, the top of Tryfan (915m), the famous stones Adam and Eve. The sky was clear and it was very warm, very little breeze if any on the top. While enjoying the views we saw a chap successfully do the Leap of Faith, not for me.

Continuing along the tops before we started to climb down. Guess where we were going next.

At the bottom of the saddle we crossed a style on a wall then continued by the wall over Bwlch Tryfan. We had a short rest while Steve went to help a sheep, he then led onwards and upwards. Continuing south west up the side of Glyder Fach.

The path was a zig zag up up and more up. I started noticing clumps of fern moss, star moss and club moss. Low cloud was threatening the views.

Near the top as the ground levels we were fortunate to see some wild Snowdonia goats. They did not seam that bothered by us. I have seen wild goats on a few of my walks, I have seen them a few times in Northumberland  also in Scotland.

Low cloud covered the top.

Then round the corner Steve showed me the world famous Cantilever near the top of Glyder Fach (994m). Absolutely brilliant, of course we had to take the obligatory photos, thumbs up as expected.

Moving away a little we found a place to have a short rest, it was a little cooler on the top of Glyder Fach. Just as we were getting ready to leave the cloud lifted and we could see all along the valley towards Bethesda and Anglesey beyond.

To our left was Y Garn and Glyder Fawr, it had been a few years ago when I last walked here.

Moving south west across Glyder Fach towards a large rock feature called Castell y Gwynt. There are loads of large rock features in the area, very interesting. Steve pointed out various places as the mist lifted including Snowdon on our way across the top.

Steve pointed across to the West coast of Wales.

Moving round the left of the Castell y Gwynt we joined a footpath that took us west.

At a point Steve knew, we turned and he led us north up and over the ridge. Looking north down the valley we could see Ogwen Cottage. To our right Steve pointed out the route we had taken over Tryan which was now in low cloud.

Steve led us down the path he knew. In places we scrambled down hill.

Large clumps of quartz are scattered all over the area. At one point I thought this was a rock covered in silver foil the way the light shone on the quartz.

The path Steve led us on took us down to the western side above a lake called Little Australia. A couple of tents were in the area, people were wild camping.

Dropping down further we had a choice, we could either turn right and head for the car or follow the path left to the ice cream shop at Ogwen Cottage.

I don't think there was any real choice, we turned left and headed for an ice cream.

Just a few hundred meters before reaching the Cottage we saw a film crew with a drone making a film. Not sure what this was but curious.

After a well deserved ice cream and a drink we returned back to the car along the road. It had been a brilliant day, good walking, good views and good company. Thanks again Steve for a great day out, see you soon. I estimate we had covered just over 9km with 950m climb.

More to follow

Boz North
Details correct at time of writing.
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