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Scottish Garelochhead 2 Day Marches - Day 2 4 May 2014.

Scottish Garelochhead 2 Day Marches - Day 2
Distance 33.5km Climb 542m
Sunday 4th May 2014

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Just like the day before we all lined up, for day 2 of the Scottish Garelochhead 2 Day march.  At the signal we marched out the camp gates again to a salute.  It was the same route as last year on the second day.  Out of the camp gates, cross over on to the main road, turn left and head up the hill, the police motor cyclists were there as they were the day before.  We marched up the hill passed the roundabout and down the bank to the next roundabout.  The route continued straight over the roundabout and headed West, which soon turned South.  Again the route was a little up and down before starting to go up properly.

Unlike last year, when it was a bright and clear, with good visibility, well for most of the day.  Today there was a lazy mist that just hung around nearly all day, which reduced visibility making the view poor, so I did not take many photos.

We kept a steady pace going so it did not take us long to get to the first rest stop.  The stop area was up a narrow side road, just right off the main road.  Again we took advantage of the stop to do some admin before we formed up and marched off.

Marching straight across the junction we had a small climb before we followed the route markers that took us right.  Then very soon the road started to drop down hill very quickly, this was what was called bastard hill.  Near the bottom of the hill we turned left and walked along the top track towards Cove.

Approx 4km later and we arrived at Cove for lunch.  Lunch was in a large hall, very civilised sitting on a proper chair and eating at a table.

When we left Cove we marched in a Northerly direction by the loch side, occasionally there were little glimpses of the far side of the loch as the mist lifted slightly, but not for long.

Another 4km North then we turned right and started up the Bastard Hill, up, up and up up again we marched.  2km later we were still climbing up the Bastard Hill but very close to the third rest stop, which was the same as the first due to the route.

Everyone we saw at the rest stop was in high spirits the Bastard Hill had been conquered, next stop the finish.

When we set off again we took a steady pace on the up and mostly down, it did not take us long to reach the roundabout at the bottom of the hill.

Just a short climb and we were less than a km from camp, down hill, then right turn and a short rise up to the camp gates. Where we were met by cheering and clapping from other groups who were still near the entrance.  On day 2 we had covered 22 miles, 33.5km, another good day walking.

More to follow

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